Oct 18, 2013

Trial judge Crawford sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Nice piece in Burlington Free Press on Judge Geoffrey Crawford being sworn in. I would post the photo, but that would be wrong. Check it out here: Praised for his skills inside the courtroom and out, Judge Geoffrey Crawford becomes a Supreme Court justice.

Good for Vermont!

Oct 17, 2013

Vermont Wrongful Death Case First Requires Federal Insurance Coverage Verdict

Geico Insurance first denied payment to family of women killed in drunk driving auto accident

The Burlington Free Press reported on the wrongful death case that was put on hold due to the need to file a claim in U.S. federal court to get Geico to pay benefits to family of women killed in an auto accident involving a drunk driver: Geico agrees to pay in Borneman case. Geico initially declined to provide coverage. At issue was a “non-owned automobile clause.” As the article states:
"The wrongful-death lawsuit was filed initially in the civil division of Vermont Superior Court, but that case was placed on hold until a federal-court jury could be asked whether Geico must provide coverage. The federal jury deliberated about 90 minutes after a two-day trial before ruling against Geico on Aug. 21."
According to the plaintiff attorney Chris Maley, “Geico made no offer to settle the case prior to trial. After the jury verdict in our favor, Geico has paid the policy limits of its coverage.”  A previous article: Jury: Geico must cover driver in fatal Burlington crash, covers the ruling that cleared the way for the wrongful death case to resume.