Aug 15, 2008

Plaintiff's Lawyers Fight Product Liability Lawsuit Restrictions

From the Wall Street Journal, more on the Supreme Court case, Wyeth v. Levine (see previous post), which is to be heard Nov. 3, which will impact lawsuits involving defective and hazardous products. The case centers around:
"Diana Levine, a professional guitarist who lost an arm to gangrene after a receiving a shot to treat a migraine headache in 2000.

Ms. Levine won $6.8 million in her lawsuit against Wyeth, which makes the antinausea drug, phenergan, that was given to her. A Vermont jury and that state's Supreme Court found that Wyeth hadn't sufficiently warned the public and doctors about the drug's dangers if improperly injected.

Wyeth has argued that the company is protected because the Food and Drug Administration had approved its label. The government is supporting Wyeth's position, on behalf of the FDA."

See the full article here: Plaintiffs' Lawyers Fight Restrictions On Product-Liability Suits

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