Jan 30, 2011

17 Medical Malpractice Claims Paid in Vermont in 2009

According to data compiled by StateHealthFacts.org, a website of the Henery J. Kaiser Family Foundation, there were 17 medical malpractice claims paid in Vermont in 2009 for a total of $6,845,000 — that's an average of $402,647 for paid claims. Vermont ranked 46th in the nation for total paid claims. In 2008, Vermont ranked 45th with $10,908,550 in total claims paid. For more state health data on Vermont, see: Vermont State Health Facts.


Jorge Miller said...

I really love reading this kind of post.

aldrin james said...

One of my friends is one of the claimants in Vermont. She was so happy about that and she is very thankful for all the people who try to make that work.

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