Oct 27, 2014

Vermont Highway Deaths Down - Vermont Highway Safety Alliance

Vermont Public Radio carries this story about a significant decline in highway deaths on Vermont highways for 2014. Nina Keck reports that:
"According to the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance, the number of traffic fatalities is half of what it was a year ago. State transportation officials aren’t sure why, but they say it may be due to better and more widely shared data.
By mid October of last year, 64 people had died in traffic crashes in Vermont. But so far this year, the number of roadway fatalities is 32, a dramatic drop."
Officials say they cannot point to one reason. Some believe recent efforts to raise awareness of distracted driving and pass a new law prohibiting use of hand held devices while driving in Vermont is partially responsible.

Listen to and read the full story here: Vermont Highway Fatalities Plunge In 2014

Also, see statistics and a map of fatalities on Vermont highways at the Vermont Highway Safety Alliance website: highwaysafety.vermont.gov

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