Nov 28, 2014

Botox Lawsuit: $6.75 Million Dollar Award

The Burlington Free Press reports on a $6.75 million dollar award for a jury trial in Burlington federal court brought on behalf of a New York couple whose son was treated with Botox for his cerebral palsy symptoms. The award includes compensatory and punitive damages.

The newspaper writes:
"...a Burlington doctor in 2010 recommended the family inject Botox as treatment. In an interview with the Burlington Free Press ... [the parents]... argued that Allergan does not properly warn the public of potential dangers of using the product.

When the first dose of Botox did not work, the doctor administered a second, larger dose a few years later, according to court papers. The boy suffered a severe allergic reaction, which included facial swelling, slurred speech, respiratory difficulties, vomiting and seizures, and he was rushed to the emergency room at Fletcher Allen Health Care."
Botox for pediatric spasticity is not approved by the FDA and is considered an "off-label" use.

An earlier article provides more information on this lawsuit: Family sues over pediatric Botox treatment.

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